Lark Voohries Defends Alleged 'Gang Member' Husband & Rambles During Bizarre Interview [Video] |

Lark Voohries Defends Alleged ‘Gang Member’ Husband & Rambles During Bizarre Interview [Video]


Former Saved by the Bell actress Lark Voohries and her husband Jimmy Green recently sat down with Entertainment Tonight‘s Kevin Frazier for what can only be described as a very bizarre interview.

During their sit-down, Lark discussed her quickie marriage to Jimmy and defended him against accusations that he stepped out of line with her mother Patricia (an incident which allegedly compelled Patricia to obtain a restraining order against him).

Lark’s mother has stated before that her daughter is bipolar, and Lark’s responses during the interview definitely added fuel to her mother’s assertion.

When asked about her mother’s reaction to their marriage, Lark offered up the following choppy response:

“The support was there… exact… you know, it’s all celebratory. So, it’s a very strong, powerful, uh… ongoing and, uh, we carry that through naturally in all success.”

Watch the full video below.

Incredibly sad.

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