Larenz Tate is Tired of ‘Love Jones’ Sequel Questions, But Doesn’t Rule it Out |

Larenz Tate is Tired of ‘Love Jones’ Sequel Questions, But Doesn’t Rule it Out

Actor Larenz Tate said he thinks a sequel to “Love Jones‘” is needed in the midst of today’s ongoing gender wars.

via: Vibe

During a recent visit to Birmingham, Ala. for an empowerment event at the historic 16th Street Baptist Church, the actor, 48, told, “It would be hard for us to catch lightning in the bottle twice,” when speaking on a modern-day Love Jones.

“Nia [Long] and I have been trying to figure out what that would look like. But we feel like we should do something, but something different. TV show, movies that could be a franchise — we’ve discussed everything. We talked about all kinds of stuff because we know what Love Jones meant, we know what those characters meant, and we know what the message and the story meant to us. And we don’t want to disrupt that, we don’t want to shake that up, and do something that doesn’t live up to our expectations of our audience would want from us,” continued the Power star.

Tate loves what the film represents in terms of Black love, especially his character, Darius Lovehall. “He’s smooth, he’s forward thinking, he’s not perfect, but he loves to love,” he explained of his fictional extension.

However, Tate would rather reprise his role as Quincy Jones, as seen in the 2004 Oscar-winning production, Ray. “He’s at the top of my list,” Tate stated.

The Why Do Fools Fall In Love star added that he also wants to do more biopics on other Black historical figures who weren’t musicians or entertainers.

“For me, I’d like to do stories about historical figures that we don’t realize have had an impact on us today. If I can be a part of telling that story as an actor or producer, I would love that opportunity.”

In terms of a Love Jones 2, though, Tate is ready to “put that to rest and get into production.”

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