Kym Whitley Shuts Down Rumors About Her Having A Three-Way With Mo'Nique And Gerald Levert |

Kym Whitley Shuts Down Rumors About Her Having A Three-Way With Mo’Nique And Gerald Levert

Kym Whitley is putting to bed, a nasty rumor.

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Whitley is denying a “tabloid” rumor that she once had a threesome with her former boyfriend, the late Gerald Levert, and comedienne Mo’Nique.

The claim was made in a Sept. 29 report by an outlet that claimed that Whitley revealed the shocking story during an interview on the radio show “Uptown Angela.” Allegedly, she was dating the “Round & Round” singer, and he was also dating Mo’Nique, and the three ended up in bed together.

Whitley did date Levert on and off in the late 1980s and once referred to him as her “first true love.” However, she denied that she ever had a threesome with her lover and the “Precious” actress.

Media Takeout claimed that the trio broke the bed during their rendezvous after the ladies were talked into having a three-way one night after a nightclub outing.

“But that’s when the romantic encounter went wrong,” claimed the outlet. “You see Kym and Mo are both big girls, and Gerald had a few pounds on him too. So when Gerald started going to work on Kym, the bed broke.”

Both Whitley and Uptown Angela denied the claims, and the podcast host said she never even interviewed the 62-year-old. Whitley denied the story on social media.

“As funny as the idea of this story is, this is NOT TRUE,” wrote Whitley on X. “Total fabrication! I would usually laugh at a story like this, but anyone that knows me, knows how special Gerald LeVert was to me …so I had to debunk this tabloid tale. #false#funny#nottrue.”

Uptown Angela also weighed in, in a message that appeared on the radio station’s website, claiming the interview “NEVER happened.”

“So according to I interviewed Kym Whitley today and she spilled big TEA about an alleged threesome between her, Gerald Levert & MONIQUE,” she wrote. “The blog says during this rendevouz, THE BED BROKE!!! WTH? This interview NEVER happened!!! Is this April Fool MTO???”

Levert passed away in 2006 from an accidental prescription drug overdose, and Whitley spoke about their relationship during an interview with TV One back in 2021.

While she did not have the wild “rendezvous” with her former flame, the “Next Friday” star says she was approached by Mo’Nique to date the “Casanova” singer. Whitley said that she gave “The Parkers” star her blessing to date her ex, despite having some reservations.

“I gave her my blessing,” she said. “Even though secretly I was like, ‘did I do the right thing?’”

While the threesome story is not true, comedian Corey Holcomb weighed in on the matter before learning that the story was false, and he had some funny jokes about the rendezvous that never was.

“My sister, who I root for, recently put something out there. She said while her and Mo’Nique was f—king with Gerald Levert, the bed broke,” he said.

His cohost made jokes suggesting the “room” they were in “smelled like Kwanzaa and Thanksgiving.”

“They smell like DXL and Lane Bryant,” Holcomb joked.

Fans on social media have mixed feelings about the story, which many believed until Whitley set the record straight.

“That’s crazy cause I already called my mama and told her the tea,” replied one.

“That site stay lying on folks,” noted another. “That’s why it’s called Media FAKEout.”

“Its really scary how fast rumors spread like ppl be so wrong lol,” noted another.

Whitley has previously stated that Mo’Nique came to her “as a woman” about wanting to date Levert. She also has expressed her belief that had he not passed away, they would have eventually tied the knot. The two grew up together and attended the same high school in Ohio.

“Had Gerald lived, we definitely would’ve gotten married,” Whitley said, adding that they had a pact that they would get married after turning 50.

The outlet also claimed that she and Mo’Nique were no longer friends due to accusations that Whitley was making passes at Mo’Nique’s husband, Sidney Hicks.

Some have questioned if this could be why the “Queens of Comedy” talent had so much animosity when she called out Whitley and Sherri Shepherd during an episode of their podcast, “Two Funny Mamas.”

Back in February, Mo’Nique took issue with the ladies praising her in the same conversation where Sherri said, “She’s always getting in trouble,” in reference to her previously being blackballed from the industry.

“And if you notice I haven’t ever started a conversation about you two that involved any negativity in any way in all of the years I’ve known you two,” said Mo’Nique.

She concluded her rant by thanking both ladies for their backhanded “compliments” and offered to speak with Whitley and Shepherd and her husband. Fans are still waiting to find out if the trio actually met up.

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