Kyle Richards Reveals What Led to Mauricio Umansky Split During Emotional 'RHOBH' Season 13 Finale |

Kyle Richards Reveals What Led to Mauricio Umansky Split During Emotional ‘RHOBH’ Season 13 Finale

Kyle Richards is finally opening up about her split from Mauricio Umansky.

via JJ:

In July 2023, Kyle, 55, and Mauricio, 53, announced that they had separated after 27 years of marriage.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans have watched this past season as the two have drifted more and more apart with Kyle questioning if she thinks her marriage to Mauricio will survive for the long haul.

During the season 13 finale, which aired on Wednesday (Feb. 21), Kyle addressed her issues head-on and revealed what ultimately led to their separation.

After news of her separation broke, Kyle sat down with Erika Jayne where she opened about her martial woes and all of the cheating rumors both she and Mauricio have faced.

“I think the hardest part about what we’re going through is that there isn’t one big huge thing. That’s the hardest part for me,” Kyle said. “There’s these things that I’ve been needing and wanting more for my marriage that I just can’t get. And, since that article came out, I’m seeing, you know, ‘Oh, it’s obviously because Mo cheated’ or ‘Now, Kyle has cheated.’”

When Erika asked “what is the truth with” the cheating rumors, Kyle answered, “There’s literally nothing to do with anybody else. This is really just about Mo and me. It’s not about our family, it’s not about external family, it’s not about another person on his side or my side. This is just about Mo and me.”

Kyle also said that Mauricio wanted to keep up the appearance that everything was fine despite their issues.

“I think that he’s more like the person that likes to pretend that every is OK…When we first met, we were really opposites,” Kyle explained. “Complete opposites, and that worked. You know, I always would joke that if it wasn’t for me, he’d be dead, because I keep him safe.”

She continued, “And if it wasn’t for him, I would never take chances in life. And that worked. Also, like, we always grew because we’ve been together since our early 20s…. It is really admirable and it’s always been something I’m very proud of. I’m not proud right now, because it’s a letdown for me, for him, for the kids, for people who don’t even know us.”

In a confessional later in the episode, Kyle admitted that she doesn’t have much hope that her marriage will survive, saying, “I’ve come to realize that, you know, there’s a big chance that we’re not gonna end up together.”

When a producer asked what happened between she and Mauricio, Kyle answered through tears, “There were things that happened that made me lose my trust and I wasn’t able to recover from…I just want to be at peace wherever I’m at because I haven’t really had that. Am I done? It’s over.”

We’ll see if Kyle’s more forthcoming during the ‘RHOBH’ reunion which begins airing next week.

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