Kris Jenner Talks Kanye West's Alleged Assault, Says She Has Google Alerts for Her Kids


You would think Kris Jenner would have a hard time keeping up with the Kardashians, but she revealed that she has a little help from Google every day.

“I do have Google alerts,” the 58-year-old star admitted. “Sometimes that’s how I keep track of these kids, because they’re everywhere. And if I don’t have my little Google alert every morning, how am I going to keep up with these Kardashians?”

Kris told 2DayFM that’s close to how she heard about Kanye’s alleged attack yesterday, but hasn’t spoke to either Kim or Kanye about it yet.

“I do know that how it started was that this person got really…a lot of racial, hateful, horrible things that he was saying,” she began. “And I think that’s where it started. I’m not quite sure how it ended, to be honest with you.”

“I got wind of this last night because I had been out of town,” she explained. “And I’ve literally been doing some press all day today and have not been home. So I haven’t talked to anybody to give you a better update. But I think that what happened was that somebody got really out of line. Very hateful person.”

Hm. We wonder what she thought of Tina Knowles’ birthday bash … have you seen the pictures?

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