King Harris and T.I. Appear to Get Into Altercation, Father Says: 'You Are Embarrassing Yourself and Your Family' [Video] |

T.I. put his son King Harris in a headlock after a heated argument turned physical at the Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints game.

via: Complex

On Sunday afternoon, the family were on site at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium for the football game between the Atlanta Falcons against the New Orleans Saints. Both King and Tiny had shared posts to their Instagram Stories from the field documenting their experiences before things took an unexpected turn.

During an Instagram Live, King, 19, is seen getting into a shouting match, presumably with his parents. Although it’s not clear what caused the fight, King is heard repeatedly saying, “You cappin’, n***a … I know you though.”

An unknown person is seen shoving King who then shouts, “What’s wrong with y’all? Why ya’ll doing that to me? Y’all know me, you know I stand on business. Why would you let someone play with me like that?”

T.I. is then heard saying, “You are embarrassing yourself and your family.”

The footage, shot from King’s perspective, begins to shake as he screams, “Get off me n****” shortly before the camera presses up against his shirt, making it unclear what happens next.

In a series of Instagram Stories that appear to have been deleted at publishing time, King added, “I Stand on. BUSINESS DONT GIVE A FUCK WHO U ARE … IDGAF WHO U ARE MF CANT PLAY WIT ME N MY FACE NOT GOIN FOR DA IM A GROWN ASS MAN NOW … If ima mistake say dat stop making da world think u fw me when u DONT”

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