Kimora Lee Simmons Returning With New Reality Show, 'House of Fab' [Photos]

Newly single Kimora Lee Simmons is getting ready to star in another reality  show. Kimora: House of Fab, airing on the Style Network, will follow Kimora as president and creative director of JustFab, an online shoe retailer.

My businesses have evolved a bit. My former life is gone. I have sold all of those companies from my prior life, and my new project is This is all about fashion and the tech sector, and how I have married fashion to the tech aspect, and that’s a big thing,” said Simmons, who continued, “This is an office environment with more of an ensemble. It is more like ‘The Office’ or ‘Ugly Betty.’ It is a team of people at all times, with lots of coming and going. It is less of my kids and my personal side.”

The show has been filming at JustFab’s Manhattan Beach, Calif., offices since June, and Kimora emphasizes it will focus on the company, not Simmons’ personal affairs. The cast of the show includes co-ceo Adam Goldenberg, vice president of public relations Kimberly Tobman, senior vice president of marketing Sandra Diaz, senior graphic designer Johnny Anastacio, director of merchandise Lesley Holmes, art director Alyson Wilson and senior marketing manager Lianca Lyons.

“I want this to be educational about what I choose.  Yes, I’m quirky, loud and crazy. Yes, my kids are fun, but there is nothing disrespectful. It is done with integrity. There is nothing I can’t look back on when I’m 40 or 50 or that my mom can’t see.”

The show will premiere January 23 at 9pm.

Kimora tweeted this picture from during one of the ‘confessional’ segments of Kimora: House of Fab

via WWD 
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