Kim Kardashian Has Reportedly Hired a Team of Political Advisors to Help Free More Prisoners

Kim Kardashian may have found a new calling.

According to new reports, Kim has hired a political advisor team in the wake of Alice Johnson’s clemency. 

via Radar Online:

…according to a source close to Kardashian, 37, she “has hired a team of political advisors to guide her in the right direction.”

“She really feels compelled to make a world of change right now and is determined to use her platform for the good of humanity.”

“Kim is setting up a meeting with Alice and her family and cannot wait to meet them,” the insider told Radar.

In addition to leading the fight to free prisoners such as Johnson, Kardashian — whose troubled rapper hubby Kanye West, 40, is setting his sights on a presidential run in 2024 — is now looking at the broader picture.

“Kim has been getting a ton of emails and messages on social media from other prisoners. She is completely overwhelmed with similar requests right now and thinks that her new team will be able to handle these requests more effectively,” the insider added.

If this is true, kudos to Kim for getting involved.

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