Kim Cattrall’s ‘Stipulations’ for ‘And Just Like That’ Cameo Revealed

Kim Cattrall is finally making her comeback as beloved “trysexual” Samantha Jones in the second season of the Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That…!

via: Page Six

The Post first revealed that the actress has secretly filmed a cameo appearance for the Max spin-off “And Just Like That,” after a well-publicized fallout with star Sarah Jessica Parker that saw her absent from the first season.

But Page Six can reveal that Cattrall’s surprise second-season — said to be a “cliffhanger” — appearance did not come without its demands.

According to sources, the actress refused to film with her former co-stars Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis.

She also would not set foot on the Queens set if showrunner — and SJP ally — Michael Patrick King was there, highly-placed sources told Page Six.

One show source said: “Kim had two stipulations -—one, that she would not act with any of the other girls, and two, she did not want to see Michael Patrick King.”

Cattrall, who acted in such films as “Mannequin,” won a whole new level of fame playing Samantha, the indomitable publicist, cougar, and BFF of Carrie Bradshaw, even earning a Golden Globe.

The actress was a fan favorite but refused to return for a third “SATC” movie amid reports of friction between her and SJP — including the revelation that Cattrall felt she and her co-stars were not financially compensated well enough, with SJP paid more than them.

Producers dismissed Samantha’s absence in the first few episodes of “AJLT” by making it clear that the character now lives in London and that she and Carrie had a fallout after the writer dumped her as a publicist.

But it seems like Cattrall got the last laugh in her buzzy return, as the show source said: “She will have gotten a s–tload of money. It just shows the power of Kim.

“They still need her on the show. But even though this may get fans thinking she’ll be back for the next season, she’ll never do that. She was treated poorly,” the show source said. “I’m glad she gets to be the hero … I’m sure it took a lot of massaging to make the cameo happen.”

In the scene, Samantha is reportedly seen in a car having a phone conversation with Carrie.

A spokesperson for HBO and Max told Page Six: “The offer presented to Kim was always to be a phone call, shot alone as most calls would be. This was an easy and convenient way for Samantha to return. We are delighted it worked out.”

Candace Bushnell, the celebrated writer, and creator of the “SATC” franchise, told Page Six: “I love Kim, everyone loves Kim.

“I’m sure she got paid handsomely … Kim is a grown woman and she does things on her own terms.”

“It’s what the fans want,” the 64-year-old added.

Bushnell who still gets a creator credit for “AJLT,” added: “Listen, I hope this series runs for a long time!”

She has long been a staunch defender of Cattrall and previously told Page Six: “It seems she wants to do other things, and she doesn’t feel like doing the show. Maybe she doesn’t want to be that character anymore. Maybe she doesn’t want to put the Spanx on!”

Cattrall was dressed for her return by the venerable stylist Patricia Field, who was responsible for all the outfits on “SATC.”

Field, 82, has since moved on to styling the looks for Netflix’s “Emily in Paris,” created by “SATC” producer Darren Star.

When contacted by Page Six about the latest collaboration with Cattrall, Field — who does not normally work on “And Just Like That” — said: “I love Kim, I loved dressing her, it was so cool. It was a wonderful opportunity.

“She asked for something specific and I provided it. She was doing this one cameo and I did it for her.”

She declined to talk about any of the show drama, adding, “I don’t want to get into the middle of anything.”

Field told the Sunday Times in 2021 that Cattrall’s absence created a “vacuum” on “AJLT,” saying, “I hear it everywhere. Everyone is mad she won’t be in it.”

The stylist passed her baton to Molly Rogers, who formerly worked with Field on “SATC” and now dresses the women of “AJLT.”

“I like some of it, I don’t like all of it, but I know what Molly’s dealing with,” Field told the Times of the new show’s looks.

“Well, I know those gals! Sarah Jessica [Parker] thinks she knows everything — and she does. Cynthia Nixon thinks she knows everything — and she doesn’t!” Field said.

“Even today, when I speak with Molly, it’s about Cynthia. I say, ‘I remember what you are going through!’”

“AJLT” — which streams on the newly renamed Max, formerly HBO Max — is produced by Warner Bros. A studio source told Page Six that Cattrall’s cameo was a “surprise” to many on set, and another person in attendance that day revealed that Cattrall was not on the call sheet at Silvercup Studios in Queens.

Cattrall shot her dialogue on March 22.

“The crew had no idea she was gonna be inside a car they were lighting,” the onlooker said.

While the show returns on June 22, Cattrall’s cameo won’t be seen until August.

A planned red-carpet premiere has been scrapped due to the writer’s strike, Page Six is told.

Cattrall — who has been happily dating Russell Thomas for the past seven years — had fun with the big news of her return, posting a link to an article on social media with the message “Happy Pride.”

It was greeted with a flurry of love from Kris Jenner, Bushnell, and high-profile fans, with one commenting: “And just like that …. Now I’ll watch it.”

It’s still not quite clear how Cattrall’s return came to be, as Page Six was told even senior producers did not know and Max execs were desperate to keep the news quiet.

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