Kim Burrell Issues ANOTHER Apology After Receiving Backlash for Church Service Comments [Video]

Kim Burrell wants you to know she’s really, REALLY, sorry for being so hateful making such hateful comments during a recent church service.

This time, Kim sat down for an apology production and shared the video via her social media accounts.

“Please hear my heart…I’m sorry,” she captioned the video.

In case you missed it, Kim’s been on the receiving end of much-deserved backlash for her hateful comments.

“You gotta choose up …. Sometimes before we get friends we have to do an interview: How long you been broke? How many times have you changed your name on your light bill? How many of your bills are in your little cousin’s name? Do you live in a trailer home or a house?” she said at one point.

She later added:

“God is good, I respect all of the men of God here … Hopefully we’ll get a chance to meet each other when y’all invite me to come to your church. I’m not as expensive as I seem. I don’t know, maybe you got a little left over form your PPP loan — prayer, praise, and power, you understand. Amen. Isn’t the lord great? Amen.”

At another point, she said:

“No one likes to be told [they’re ugly] … I haven’t chosen anyone to be ugly yet. God is good. God is great. You all look great. Most of you have on hats covering most of that anyway. Here’s to you.”

Was it church or a stand-up comedy performance? Either way — she wasn’t funny.

In her previous apology — if you can even call it that — Kim said she was joking and not-so-subtly threatened people talking about her online by throwing around words like ‘slander’ and ‘defamation.’

You can see her new attempt at a sincere apology below.


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