Kim Breaks Down in Tears Over Kanye, Khloé Has a Melanoma Scare and 'Kourtney vs Kim' Round 2? Watch ‘The Kardashians’ Season 3 Trailer [Video]

Just when we were losing interest in ‘The Kardashians,’ the show’s season 3 trailer sucked us back in.

The trailer opens up with Kim talking about her tumultuous divorce from Kanye West. In the opening scenes of the trailer, Khloe asks Kim if she’s okay, to which she replies, “No, [I’m] not okay.”

The trailer later discusses a health scare that Khloe went through that resulted in her having a tumor removed from her face.

Also, Kourtney and Kim seem to be at odds with the newlywed accusing Kim of profiting off her wedding to Travis Barker.

“My sister used by wedding as a business opportunity,” Kourtney exclaims before a mini-montage of various family members reacting to their new feud.

Will we see Kourtney and Kim get physical again? Who knows.

In the most interesting clip, Kylie Jenner can be heard telling the family that they need to reexamine the beauty standards they’re setting.

“All of us just need to have a bigger conversation about the beauty standards that we’re setting,” she says.

“I don’t want my daughter to do the things I did,” she continues — presumably talking about all of the cosmetic enhancements she’s had.

A later clip then shows Kylie saying, “I wish I never touched anything to begin with.”

Check out the trailer below. ‘The Kardashians’ premieres on Hulu on May 25.

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