Kid Cudi Shuts Down The Possibility Of A Donald Glover Collaboration: "I'm Cool" |

Kid Cudi Shuts Down The Possibility Of A Donald Glover Collaboration: “I’m Cool”

Throughout his years as a rap favorite, Kid Cudi has worked with a whole host of collaborators.

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On Wednesday (Feb. 21) night, Kid Cudi revealed he’s not interested in working with Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino.

On Twitter, a fan suggested, “You and Gambino gotta work on something, whether it’s TV, movies, or music. We’d love to see [or] hear it! Your guys’ song ‘Warlords’ needs an official release!” Unfortunately, Cudi offered a succinct response: “I’m cool.”

The reason behind his stance remains unclear, especially since both artists have previously shown mutual respect for one another. The pair also teamed up for a track speculatively titled “Warlords,” which was leaked in 2020. However, information about when the song was recorded or if it will appear on either of their forthcoming projects is currently unknown.

In 2023, Glover recalled enduring boos while opening up for Cudi in 2011 at Terminal 5 in New York City. “At the time, I had a full band and a violinist,” he told GQ. “I just kept turning to the band and telling them, ‘Next song! Next song!’ I put on a really intense show.”

Although there doesn’t seem to be much tension with Glover, Cudi squashed a number of his past feuds in recent months. In January, the “Day ‘n’ Nite” hitmaker and Lupe Fiasco buried the hatchet after a decade.

During his interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Cudi mentioned hiding from Fiasco while working at BAPE in New York City. Subsequently, the Chicago rapper fired off an array of tweets providing backstory to their issues.

On Jan. 20, Cudi tweeted, “I know I was wrong and told him I shouldn’t have did that f**k s**t I did. I called myself lookin’ out for the fans [at] the moment, but in reality, I was just hating. I apologized, and he accepted it.”

Cudi and Kanye West also resolved their beef in 2023. The two were spotted together at the Las Vegas listening event for VULTURES 1. They teased a song titled “Gun To My Head,” which was intended to appear on the original project.

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