Kevin Hunter Appears To Accuse Wendy Willliams Of Being Absent Mother For Their Son

Kevin Hunter no longer feels like he has to hide his long time mistress and mother of his youngest child Sharina Hudson. He recently shared a picture of himself holding hands with Hudson for Valentine’s Day and the caption set people off.

via: AceShowbiz

Kevin Hunter has had enough. After Wendy Williams made numerous claims and shaded him and his mistress Sharina Hudson, the ex-husband of the popular TV host is now firing back at Wendy’s fans who attacked him in Instagram comments.

It started after Kevin shared a sweet tribute to Sharina on Valentine’s Day. Posting a picture of him holding hands with Sharina, with whom he shares a daughter together, he said, “QUEEN & SLIM ……back @ it again!! LOL ….’CELEBRATE YOUR QUEEN ELEVATE YOUR KING! ENJOY!!!”

The post didn’t sit well with many Wendy’s fans who quickly came at Kevin on her behalf. “Disrespectful on every level is sleeping with another woman husband for years. Wendy told him to give his daughter a good education and keep her off the pole,” one wrote. To that, Kevin hit by alluding that Wendy is an absent mother for their son Kevin Jr. “disrespectful is saying that after she SAVED her sons life..where was she tho..hmmmm.”

Another insult directing at Kevin read, “Y’all keep spending Wendy’s money lol don’t talk about her parenting scumbag.” Kevin fired back, “unfortunately parenting is part of MARRIAGE..truth gonna hurt sis..I’m trying to keep it cool..GODBLESS. pluse she let world kno she hid IUD and didn’t even wanna try in is everything.”

Meanwhile, someone else attacked Sharina, who has yet to be fully revealed on Kevin’s page. “She is so ashamed of herself she wont even post a pic of herself.We all know who the real queen is WENDY,” the person commented, to which Kevin responded, “when she’ll be madder…but thanks for your concern..and yes she is a queen..godbless.”

“Imagine waiting 16 years to get only your hand posted. Sad,” another person chimed. Continuing to defend his partner, Kevin replied, “don’t worry ..when it’s you for watching.”

Someone also called out Kevin for spending too much time on replying to hate comments from Wendy’s fans in addition to mentioning Kevin’s new restaurant. To that, Kevin explained himself, “public knows what it knows until it doesn’ booked!..head high but I love you for caring…NOBODY was there when I organized protest in front of hot 97 18yrs tho after puffy incident,surely not you..but I get it your passionate about BOTH of our hard work..I salute hate and love..I love you for watching..not gonna block or remove anyone..GODBLESS.”

Despite all the explanations, fans didn’t seem to change their views on Kevin. “He said ‘her son’ wow! What a joke,” a person said. “This the same son who tried to beat you up over the mistress. So if she saved his life why he hate her and you ? Lmaoo,” added someone else, referring to the physical altercation between Kevin and Kevin Jr. Meanwhile, one user was more interested to see Wendy dragging “him again on her show.”

We should certainly expect Wendy to address Kevin’s insinuation that she was an absentee mother.

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