Kevin Hart Accuses Tasha K Of Using Shell Company to Evade 'Financial Liabilities’ as He Fights Blogger Over Alleged Extortion Attempt |

Kevin Hart Accuses Tasha K Of Using Shell Company to Evade ‘Financial Liabilities’ as He Fights Blogger Over Alleged Extortion Attempt

Last month, Kevin Hart filed a lawsuit against Tasha K, accusing the internet personality of extortion.

via: Radar Online

Kevin isn’t playing around with his lawsuit against his ex-assistant and blogger Tasha K over an alleged extortion attempt — and added a new defendant to the case only days after he filed.

According to court documents obtained by, this week, the comedian filed an amended complaint over the alleged defamation and civil extortion against Tasha and his ex-assistant Miesha Shakes.

In the new filing, Kevin included the company Yelen Entertainment LLC as a defendant. The entertainer said Tasha’s husband is the principal of Yelen and that Yelen is “responsible for content [Tasha] publishes.”

Kevin said Tasha used to have a company called Kebe Studios before Yelen was launched.

In addition, he said Yelen was “formed as a successor entity to Kebe Studios, in an effort by [Tasha]” and her business to “evade financial liabilities.”

Kevin claimed that Kebe Studios and Yelen were “merely shell entities, and shams of one another, through which [Tasha] carried out her business in entity names, and that at all times mentioned, [Tasha] treated Kebe Studios and Yelen, and used the assets of Kebe Studios and Yelen, as her own personal property, and dominated, controlled and operated Kebe Studios and Yelen to conceal her wrongful activities, suit her personal convenience, and avoid obligations and liabilities, both monetary and non-monetary, owed to others.”

Last year, Tasha was ordered to pay $4 million to Cardi B in a defamation case the rapper brought.

Kevin added Yelen as a defendant to his lawsuit because he believed the company held assets owned by Tasha.

As we previously reported, last month, Kevin filed a bombshell lawsuit against Tasha and Miesha.

In the suit, Kevin claimed Tasha filmed an interview with Miesha where Miesha made shocking claims about the comedian.

Kevin claimed one of Tasha’s associates approached his team with a proposal. The entertainer said they threatened to release the interview unless Hart paid $250k.

“Hart and his representatives contacted the police and did not pay the ransom that [Tasha] was demanding,” the lawsuit revealed.

Kevin said he contacted the police about the situation and fired off a legal letter to Tasha demanding the interview not be released.

“[Tasha] has an established history of posting defamatory and otherwise improper content regarding celebrities,” the lawsuit read.

Tasha ended up posting the interview with Miesha on her YouTube channel. “Hart has suffered, and will continue to suffer, harm as a result of Defendants’ ongoing conduct in publishing and continuing to make the Interview available,” his lawyer wrote in court documents.

Tasha and Miesha have yet to respond in court.

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