Kevin Gates Avoids Getting Sick Not Because Of A Strong Immune System, But By ‘Telling The Truth’ [Video]

Kevin Gates isn’t afraid to share, whether it’s explaining why he almost went one full month without eating or drinking or vulnerably sharing about sexual abuse he suffered in adolescence.

via: HipHopDX

Gates recently stopped by the I AM ATHLETE podcast with former NFL players Brandon Marshall, LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson, where he said that once he stopped lying, his immune system improved and he hasn’t fallen ill since.

“From me not telling the truth, my throat chakra started getting blocked and I started getting sick. I started having colds until I opened my throat chakra and speaking the truth. I haven’t been sick since,” he said, prompting puzzled looks from the podcast hosts.

“When I was living at the other spot before I moved here, I used to be sick a lot. Just weak and everything because I wasn’t speaking my truth. And when I’m not speaking my truth, I’m not living in my truth. And when you set boundaries, you’re showing love for yourself.”

His comments led to a more relatable topic of conversation for the athlete hosts, which is being the breadwinner in your circle and having trouble telling friends or family, “No.”

“It’s okay to tell people, ‘No, not today,’” Gates continued. “But I had a fear of telling people, ‘No.’ Once you tell a n-gga, ‘No,’ they act like you never told ’em, ‘Yes.’”

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