Kenya Moore Accuses Ex Marc Daly of Only Seeing Their Daughter Twice in Two Years

‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star Kenya Moore hit back at her ex-husband Marc Daly in court — and accused him of being a “FaceTime” father who has only seen their daughter a couple of times in the past two years.

via Radar Online:

According to court documents obtained by, the Bravo star dropped the bombshell as she fought Daly’s demand she be held in contempt.

As we first reported, earlier this month, Daly accused Moore of violating a court order that required her to inform him when their 4-year-old daughter Brooklyn had filmed for RHOA along with a separate commercial for a pizza company.

Daly said the initial order read, “[Kenya] shall notify [Marc] of any opportunity where the minor child will appear on camera and shall advise [Marc] of the content of the appearance; the minor child will only be involved in opportunities that are age appropriate.”

He claimed Moore violated the order by failing to inform him of the pizza advertisement. In addition, Daly was furious their daughter was near a fight during filming on RHOA.

Daly pointed to a recent episode where Moore’s costar Marlo Hampton was seen kicking Moore’s hotel room door. Brooklyn was in the room at the time.

In his motion, he also accused Moore of failing to respond to his FaceTime calls to Brooklyn. He claimed to have only spoken to his daughter twice in June. He demanded Moore be found in contempt of court.

Moore scoffed at the request. She denied violating the court order. The reality star said Daly was notified of the pizza commercial.

In regard to RHOA, she said her daughter was unaware of the incident with Hampton. Moore said Brooklyn was sound asleep and the situation was handled quickly.

Moore then trashed Daly for claiming she interfered with his FaceTime calls.

“Mother and Father had an established scheduled time daily to call the child. In an attempt to create issues, Father began to erratically change the times that he wanted to call on a whelm. He did this for the purpose of attempting to create an issue. Mother has implored Father to be consistent with his calls, which he refuses to do. Nevertheless, Father has been random in his behavior and unwilling to stick to the established schedule,” her motion read.

Moore said Daly, who lives in New York, visited Atlanta on two separate occasions, and she asked him to visit Brooklyn. However, she said he failed to do so.

The court filing said Moore “actually paid for and traveled with the child to New York on the two occasions where [Daly] did see the child.”

“The Father has only seen his child twice in two years,” the motion read. “In both instances, the mother, on her own expense, took the child to see the father.”

“In his failed attempt to have this Court and the public believe otherwise, the evidence will show that Father is simply a “FaceTime” Father, who is inconsistent with even talking to his child at best,” the motion added.

Moore said she has attempted to settle the case, but Daly has continued to hinder the proceedings. The two are expected to face off in a divorce trial in the next couple of weeks.

The divorce continues…

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