Kelsey Grammer Talks Possible ‘Girlfriends’ Reboot: “I Think They Should” |

Kelsey Grammer Talks Possible ‘Girlfriends’ Reboot: “I Think They Should”

Kelsey Grammer talks about a potential return for ‘Girlfriends’.

via: Vibe

During a recent Q&A with Deadline, the Frasier actor revealed that he’d love to see the show rebooted in one way or another, sharing, “I would love to reboot Girlfriends. Of course, it would probably be a different kind of show, but we got The Game back on and that was wonderful.”

He went on, “I don’t know if Paramount+ is gonna grab another season of that but you never know. I think they should because I know many people who love that show and love those characters and would like to see them continue. We’ll see what happens.”

Grammer also shared his fondness for Tracee Ellis Ross in the role of Joan, as well as the rest of the cast, many of whom got their start on the UPN-turned-CW series.

“But yeah, I would love to reboot Girlfriends and I would love to see Tracee [Ellis Ross] in that role again,” he continued. “She was terrific in that. The show was a wonderful opportunity to see all those young women start out. It’s such a beautiful ensemble effort and I was very proud to be connected to that.”

In a 2020 interview with Shadow & Act, Grammer detailed his experience getting Girlfriends on the air.

“In the early ’90s, I started my own production company and NBC, ABC, CBS, we’d all get together and start talking about how we’ve gotta bring a little more diversity to our shows and ‘Let’s get some Asian, let’s get some Black, let’s get this, let’s get that,’” he said, via Blavity. “And I always thought, ‘What the hell, they’re talking about every year but we never do it.’ So I said, fine, let’s [do it] and we started [searching] for writing talent and, of course, met Mara [Brock Akil]. We were very impressed with her and [thought] ‘This is a good show. This is a show that should be done.’”

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