Kelly Rowland Says She's Too Grown to Respond to Keyshia Cole & Takes Credit for Starting the Dance Music Trend in the US [Video]

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Kelly Rowland stopped by The Breakfast Club for a pretty in depth interview. She talked about the importance of fellas giving their ladies ‘kisses down low’ as well as how she feels about Keyshia Cole’s response to Beyoncé’s “Bow Down“.

Get into it below!

On how she was the first one in the states to do EDM:

While I was in Europe I was inspired.  EDM.  I was the first one, who did “When Love Take’s Over.”  My fans say it all the time and I didn’t even think about it.  They hipped me to this game.  Then everybody started doing it.  It started to become a trend in the States.  It was only a matter or time and if it wasn’t me it would have been somebody else….but it was me!

Her thoughts on Beyonce’s “Bow Down”:

When you undersand as a woman, you can accept the record. People gon’ talk–who cares? You’re an artist you’re allowed to try out new things. I think that she’s blessed to have freedom.

On her relationship with Blue Ivy:

I don’t talk about my niece. That’s just for me and my niece.

On Keyshia Cole and her Twitter remarks:

You know what, do you have to hit somebody or give somebody words? Silence is the best power. Just keep talkin’. I don’t think that it’s important to respond back. You don’t have to do that.  We’re too grown for that stuff.

via The YBF

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