Kelis Opens Up About Caring for Newborn Daughter at 41: 'It Wasn't the Easiest'

Kelis is opening up about the reality of raising a newborn on the later-end of the ‘new mom’ spectrum.

via People:

The Grammy-nominated singer, 41, spoke to Harper’s Bazaar in an interview published Thursday discussing her move to a farm last year and welcoming her third child last September.

“After I had the baby – I’m 41. It wasn’t the easiest,” Kelis admitted. “It wasn’t like when I gave birth to my older son when I was 29.”

Kelis shares her 8-month-old daughter and son Shepherd, 5, with husband Mike Mora. She is also mom to son Knight, 11, whom she shares with ex-husband Nas.

Kelis told Harper’s Bazaar that after giving birth to her daughter, she focused on nutrition in order to “build” herself back up.

“Looking at how I was going to build myself back up, the first thing I started doing was the food, and I was able to get myself back to a place where I felt physically strong again,” she explained.

Kelis moved with her family to a farm in Temecula, California, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. She told Harper’s Bazaar that while she had a “full-on panic” in their first month out of the city, “you become farm people quickly.”

“None of my friends would’ve pegged me as a farm person, but I’m as farm as it gets at this point,” she said.

While living on the farm, the “Milkshake” singer has been building an outdoor kitchen, gardening, and taking care of more than 30 animals – and she even delivered a ram with the help of YouTube.

Kelis – who went to culinary school in 2008 – also experienced that food “hits you differently when it’s from your own garden.”

“I was like: ‘Oh, my God, this arugula is, like, pow. It is so funky.’ It had so much flavor,” she shared. “It’s because we grew it here – literally with sunshine and water and lots of prayer and positive thoughts.”

The mother of three and cookbook author has been documenting farm life for her fans on Instagram ever since the move and even revealed earlier this week that a baby goat was just born – named Milkshake.

We would LOVE another album from Kelis, but we also love to see the life she’s created for herself.

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