Kel Mitchell Claims Ex-Wife, Tyisha Hampton, Was Impregnated By Multiple Men During Their Marriage |

Kel Mitchell Claims Ex-Wife, Tyisha Hampton, Was Impregnated By Multiple Men During Their Marriage

Kel Mitchell is letting it all out.

During his appearance on the Wednesday, May 15, episode of “Club Shay Shay,” the “Good Burger” star opened up to Shannon Sharpe about his rise to fame, which started in 1994 on the kids variety show “All That,” and how his wife became pregnant multiple times during their marriage by other men.

“We had the abortion, but then we had a baby, and she ended up telling me that the baby that was aborted wasn’t mine,” he revealed.

Sharpe then asked “So the marriage was never the same after that?” and Mitchell replied, “No, this is the beginning. This started at the beginning. Within that process and that being known … now I’m on TV. I don’t have time to really process that.”

The former child star said Hampton “almost died” in the hospital with their first child, son Wisdom, who was born in 1999, yet writers were still expecting him to return to work. He then revealed she had became pregnant again during the marriage but said, “It wasn’t me.”

“Yeah, I stuck around,” he told Sharpe. “These were things that were being revealed.”

When the host began digging into how Mitchell found out he wasn’t the father, he explained that they were no longer having sex “because I knew what was going on.”

He claimed Hampton had “stopped coming home” during the marriage and then told the story of how he found her at a hotel with a “friend that used to come over” at a time when he worked a lot. Mitchell said he took the car one day and went searching for where she could be.

“I got in the whip, went driving around, saw her whip. I saw it at the hotel. I go to the lobby, turns out dude just come walking down the lobby about to go to the car. My car that she was driving. I’m like, ‘Oh, OK, what’s up? Take me upstairs.”

When he and the man arrived at the room, Hampton looked “surprised” and immediately went to “explaining.” But Mitchell said he was over it and had no intentions of fighting over her so he “walked out.”

“I’m going back up there, cops came, everybody came up at that point. I remember this cop told me, he said, ‘I seen this, this type of woman. This situation, you need to get out of this situation.’”

Mitchell said he still stuck around and tried to make it work for the kids. But she got pregnant again and had a miscarriage by another man whose identity he did not reveal.

He said he got fed up around 2004 after a guy called him saying that he and Hampton wanted to be together while he was away shooting a movie. He then filed for divorce in 2005, wanting to hit the “reset button.”

They also share a daughter, Allure, who has accused Mitchell of being an absentee father, abandoning her for 10 years, and owing her mother millions in back child and spousal support.

via: Atlanta Black Star

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