Keke Palmer's Ex Darius Jackson Submits Photographic Evidence Showing Alleged Physical Abuse [Photos] |

Keke Palmer’s Ex Darius Jackson Submits Photographic Evidence Showing Alleged Physical Abuse [Photos]

Darius Jackson has flipped the script on ex-girlfriend Keke Palmer, accusing the “Nope” star of abuse in response to her domestic violence claims.

via: Radar Online

Jackson, included photographs of his alleged physical injuries as evidence to support his accusation that she was the aggressor in the relationship, can exclusively reveal.

Jackson submitted the pictures in response to a temporary restraining order the Nope actress obtained in Los Angeles Superior Court that ordered him to stay from her and their 10-month-old son, Leo.

Jackson claimed he suffered superficial scratch marks in October 2021 after Palmer “violently gripped my arm to prevent me from leaving.”

He claimed the incident happened after he experienced TV issues and tried to leave the home to watch a football game at a nearby restaurant, court documents showed. Jackson sent Palmer the photo of the injury via text after she wrote, “We’re done. You acted so childish about this instead of actually making sure we got the f—- game.”

“You will never put your hands on me again,” Jackson replied.

The second photo showed another superficial injury that he alleged occurred in October 2022 during a Cancun vacation for his birthday that allegedly turned sour when he misplaced his cell phone.

“Petitioner had been drinking and was upset that looking for my phone would make us late for dinner,” Jackson’s declaration read. “At the restaurant, she began to cuss me out.”

Jackson claimed he left the restaurant, found the phone in the hotel room, and returned hoping she would be in a better mood.

“She continued to berate me as we returned to the hotel,” he stated. “I tried to leave to give her space to calm down, but she grabbed my arm to prevent me from leaving. Petitioner then started punching and hitting me, causing me to drop my phone.”

“I eventually locked myself in the bathroom to avoid any further verbal and physical attacks.”

Jackson memorialized the alleged injury in a photo in a text message he sent to his mother, who encouraged him to preserve the picture for future use.

“If she tries to get you in trouble you got these pictures to prove your innocence,” his mother wrote in a text. “Take all the pictures because she is the celebrity.”

He replied to his mom by saying, “I know making sure I have some saved- also people already know she’s abusive.”

Palmer, 30, obtained the restraining order after accusing Jackson of being emotionally and physically abusive during their two-year relationship that ended in October of this year. She was also granted temporary sole custody of their son. Jackson demanded the restraining order be tossed and joint physical and legal custody of Leo.

Photos are via Radar Online.

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