Keke Palmer Opens Up About Her Sexuality: ‘I Want My Life to Be My Own Life’ [Video]

Keke Palmer is sharing her experience in coming to terms with her sexuality.

via: Page Six

Appearing on “The Best Podcast Ever with Raven and Miranda,” the “Nope” actress, 29, said she spent years repressing her sexuality before finally being experimental.

“There was a moment in my life where I was like ya know, can I be myself? The moment where you overthink s–t,” she told co-hosts Raven-Symoné and her wife Miranda Maday.

“That’s not even me, why am I overthinking this? I guess you just get to the point where I want my life to be my own life.”

Palmer, who shares 5-month-old son Leodis with boyfriend Darius Jackson, said she didn’t “live out” experiences in relationships because she didn’t want her family to know she was keen to explore other options.

“There is like an unsaid thing that can make you feel — and because I liked guys too, I was kinda like, ‘Well, we don’t have to talk about it,’” she explained. “Because I like guys too, it was like that’s another extra thing that no one really has to know about. I don’t really have to live out.”

Palmer finally acknowledged her feelings and became more accepting of herself when he turned 17 years old.

“I ultimately just feel like the acceptance of that part of myself, in general, was a part of my process of being able to have love in my life,” she explained.

“Sexuality and stuff like that, that was not even — my parents never even cared about something like that or talked about that.”

“And I know that by the time they saw how free of a spirit I was, and whoever I wanted to date, they were like, ‘Whoever cares.’ It was never anything that was in their mind,” she added.

Palmer’s relationship with Jackson made headlines after he publicly shamed her for wearing a sexy outfit to Usher’s Las Vegas residency show in early July.

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