Karen Crackdown: New Illinois Law Makes It a Felony to Assault Employees Enforcing COVID-19 Mask Rules

Illinois Karens, beware.

A new law just passed making it illegal to assault any worker who attempts to enforce a mask-wearing policy.

According to CNN, anyone who assaults an employee trying to enforce mask rules can be prosecuted for aggravated battery, which is typically a felony within the state.

via Complex:

The law was passed on Friday, and will be used on those who assault workers for “conveying public health guidance.” Obviously that’s fancy speak for employees asking people to wear a mask or asking them to social distance. J. B. Pritzker, Illinois’ governor, made an effort to explain the decision behind the rule during a Friday news conference.

In that conference he said that the measure “offers protections from assault for retail workers, many of whom are tasked with asking the public to follow certain COVID mitigation measures indoors.” He added, “In many ways, these workers are now serving at the forefront of public health mitigation efforts in encouraging social distancing and the use of face coverings.” 

The law was put into effect immediately. 

We need more states to adopt this law ASAP.

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