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Kanye West Is Reportedly Spending Time in Wyoming to Find His ‘Creative Groove’

Kanye West has been through a lot this past year, but according to reports he’s taking some time away from Hollywood to reconnect with his ‘creative groove.’

via Page Six:

“He’s far from any noise. He’s far from Hollywood and is very isolated right now. He wants to get back into his creative groove,” a source told us of the rapper, who suffered an alleged breakdown last year.

West’s Instagram and Twitter accounts went dark earlier this month. And the fashion-obsessed rapper and Yeezy designer even skipped Anna Wintour’s Met Gala this month. His wife, Kim Kardashian, attended and said West was home “taking some time off and really loving that.”

Page Six has learned West is back in the studio, getting inspiration from frequent collaborator Pusha T. We’re told Pusha T, the rap star and president of West’s GOOD Music label, has been helping him “get on track” since his much-publicized hospital stay for “exhaustion” last year.

“Pusha T has been visiting. He inspires Kanye to write. Kanye’s trying to find his creative voice again, and he has people there to help him get, and stay, on track. He’s still a little off and is trying to get himself back,” the source said.

Another source close to West told us the rapper’s stint in the mountains is not unusual. “He likes to work in remote places and be in the middle of nowhere as much as he can be,” said the insider.

“That’s his pattern. It’s what he ­always does. He goes away. He’s done Hawaii, Mexico, Paris, Malibu… It’s what he’s always done. He’s not in some ‘struggle’ to find his creative voice. Any creative endeavor he’s done, there’s a start to the process and he wants to figure out what he talks about. It’s a creative journey every time and he starts from scratch.”

The West pal, who recently spoke to the rapper, adds that he couldn’t be better. Fleeing to Wyoming] “has nothing to do with his ‘meltdown.’ He’s been very much Kanye and is in a great space.

He’s jovial, happy … has a sense of humor. He’s doing great. He’s not locked in somewhere to regain himself. That’s crazy,” the source said.

Could this trip mark the sonic return of the ‘old’ Kanye?

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