Kanye West Gets Kim Kardashian Gifts From Apple, Adidas, Amazon, Netflix and Disney -- Along with $100,000 Worth of Stock in Each Company [Video]

What do you get Kim Kardashian –a woman who has everything — for Christmas?

If you’re her husband Kanye West, you get her gift cards, socks, and headphones.

You also get her $100,000 worth of stock in several of the largest companies in the world.

Kim took to Instagram to share her simple-yet-extravagant gifts from Kanye.

The first box included a pair of Apple Air Pods, Adidas socks, an Amazon gift card, a Netflix, gift card, and a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal.

Cute, but…it’s the second box that brings it all home. In the second box, Kim revealed Kanye purchased her stock in each of the companies represented — Disney, Apple, Adidas, Amazon, and Netflix.

In the clip, you can make out the value of the Disney stock to be $100,000 — so it’s safe to assume each company had equal value. That’s an estimated $500,000 worth of stock.

Now THAT’s a gift that keeps on giving.

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