K. Michelle Responds to 'Photoshopped' Picture of Her 'Hot Pocket' [Photos]

A professional photo K. Michelle's team sent out a few days ago.

A photo K. Michelle’s team sent out a few days ago.


There’s a rather unsightly photo circulating the Internet of K. Michelle on stage at her recent Rebellious Soul tour stop in Chicago at The Shrine.

In the picture, it appears as thoughK. Michelle has a rather large camel toe. K. took to Twitter to address the situation after it became a trending topic late last night.

“Y’all tweeting about a photo shopped picture of my hot pocket. U broke bums should ask somebody to photo shop your pockets 2make them fatter”

Take a look at the controversial photo below.

The much-discussed photo.

The much-discussed photo.

There’s video too…

In any case, that ‘hot pocket’ is selling out shows left and right.

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