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Judge Says Rap Lyrics Can Be Used As Evidence In Young Thug’s YSL RICO Case

A judge decided on Thursday that rap lyrics by the Atlanta artist Young Thug and his collaborators will be allowed as evidence.

via: Rap-Up

The trial is set to start with opening statements on Nov. 27, and will use the rapper’s music and social media for connections to alleged criminal activities.

Defense attorneys initially argued that the lyrics were part of constitutionally protected free speech and shouldn’t be admitted due to their potential to prejudice jurors. However, Fulton County Superior Court Chief Judge Ural Glanville allowed for the inclusion of 17 sets of song text. According to AP News, they can be utilized under the condition prosecutors can demonstrate their relevance to accusations against the Atlanta native.

“The question is not rap lyrics. The question is gang lyrics,” said Mike Carlson. He insisted they weren’t being contested for their artistic value but for their purported role in criminal acts. “These are party admissions. They happen to come in the form of lyrics,” the legal professional added.

The prosecution’s stance is that Thug’s verses and public persona as a co-founder of Young Slime Life promoted the group’s violent actions. On the other hand, the defense maintains that YSL is a record label and that the lyrics are artistic expressions.

Representing Yak Gotti, attorney Doug Weinstein stated, “They’re going to look at these lyrics and instantly say they are guilty. They are not going to look at the evidence that’s actually probative of their guilt once these lyrics get in front of them.”

Meanwhile, Killer Mike expressed his feelings about the potential infringement on people’s freedom via Instagram. He further urged his followers to educate themselves on the subject. “This decision scares me,” the artist wrote. “This threatens all Americans’ First Amendment rights, in my opinion.”

In October, jury selection concluded after nearly a year. Earlier this month, Rap-Up reported that the judge was visibly frustrated after prosecutors allegedly withheld evidence.

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