Jontay Porter Receives Lifetime Ban From NBA for Violating League's Gambling Policy |

Jontay Porter Receives Lifetime Ban From NBA for Violating League’s Gambling Policy

Jontay Porter’s NBA career is over.

via: Complex

Porter has been officially banned from the NBA for gambling, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Wednesday.

Shortly after Woj’s report, the NBA released an official statement detailing how Porter violated the league’s gambling policy.

According to the league, Porter was “giving information about his own health status to an individual he knew to be an NBA bettor.”

According to the league’s findings, Porter relayed information to known sports bettors about his health status, allowing them to bet the unders on his prop bets. One bettor placed an $80,000 parlay that netted $1.1 million in winnings. Porter made sure his prop bets went active by playing in the game, but also ensured they came in as unders by checking out early by saying he “felt ill.” That large activity on Porter’s unsurprisingly prop bets raised red flags for the sportsbooks, who flagged the activity as suspicious and alerted the league.

They also found he bet on at least 13 NBA games from January to March of 2024 while traveling with the Raptors G League affiliate, including a parlay that included the Raptors losing (the parlay lost). In total, Porter won just north of $21,000 on those NBA bets in full.

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