Jonathan Majors Receives New Court Date as Prosecution Says It’s Ready for Trial

Jonathan Majors’ trial date has been scheduled for September 15.

The prosecution is ready for trial.

via THR:

Majors appeared virtually in New York criminal court Wednesday. He had previously appeared in person, with his girlfriend, actress Meagan Good. 

While the prosecution says it is ready for trial and has filed a certificate of compliance, attorneys for Majors say they found deficiencies with the certificate, leading to the new conference date, which will take place in a different courtroom. Judge Rachel S. Pauly on Wednesday said Majors can also appear virtually for that conference. 

The Creed III actor faces misdemeanor charges of harassment and assault after being arrested in New York on March 25. Police responded to a 911 call and a 30-year-old woman reported being assaulted by Majors, with police noting that she had sustained minor injuries. Majors was released from police custody later that day. 

Priya Chaudhry, Majors’ criminal defense lawyer, denies all wrongdoing on the part of the actor and says he called 911 out of concern about the woman’s mental health. She also claims the woman involved assaulted Majors. In June, Chaudhry said she was requesting a quick trial date in order to speed up the case.

The trial was originally scheduled to commence on Aug. 3, but, at the time, prosecutors said they were still in the process of obtaining discovery. It was rescheduled to Sept. 6 and has again been delayed. 

Since the alleged incident, a judge granted a full temporary order of protection for the woman involved in the case. The order was requested by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and granted with the consent of defense counsel. 

In April, Majors was dropped by his management company, Entertainment 360, and public relations team, The Lede Company. The Army Enterprise Marketing Office paused a U.S. Army ad campaign featuring Majors.

The actor, who plays the role of Kang the Conqueror in the Marvel universe, is still believed to appear in about half of the episodes of Loki season two, and Marvel has not been hiding that fact in the marketing. When the studio released the first trailer in late July, a version of his character Kang did indeed appear.

We’re ready for this trial just so everyone can stop spreading fake news.

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