John Krasinski and Dwayne Johnson Announce $5 Million FedEx Donation for Toys for Tots Holiday Drive [Video]

John Krasinski brought back his web series after a seven-month hiatus to share some much-needed good news, holiday cheer and sexy Santa aka The Rock.

via: Complex

The DIY show has returned ahead of Christmas, with Dwayne Johnson among those stopping by for an appearance as “Dwanta Claus.” Him and Krasinski subsequently announced that FedEx, a sponsor of the show, donated $5 million to the Toys for Tots holiday toy drive. The two of them were also joined by widowed dad Jay Abel, who had asked Johnson for help on Twitter to get the word out about his eBay listings of comic books and other memorabilia in order to raise enough to buy presents for his kids.

“Your story is my favorite of the holiday season. It’s like superdad stuff,” Krasinski said. “Take all of your stuff off of eBay because Dwanta Claus is going to take care of all of that stuff, man,” Johnson told Abel, who was clearly overwhelmed by Dwanta Claus. Johnson revealed that he has covered the costs of Christmas for Abel’s children, getting an Xbox Series X for his son and some dolls for his daughter.

The episode also featured a brief cameo from George Clooney, who provided a weather report. “Looks pretty good,” Clooney said of the weather. It’s a charming little segment, but it’s certainly got nothing on David Lynch’s daily weather reports.

Krasinski first launched the series back in March after lockdowns began on account of the COVID-19 pandemic, with his first guest being his former The Office co-star Steve Carrell. He later had the rest of the cast on in a follow-up episode, and he also reunited the original Hamilton cast for another.

Getting FedEx to donate $5 million to Toys for Tots is amazing, a lot of hurting families this year.

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