John Boyega Partners With H&M For New Sustainable Collection [Photos]

H&M is teaming with British Nigerian actor John Boyega for the launch of a sustainably developed men’s wear line.

via: The Blast

Boyega has detailed numerous accounts of racist treatment throughout his life, which led him to become a vocal supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Staying true to his values, the 29-year-old actor was not afraid to put Disney on blast for what he perceived as the racist treatment and sidelining of his character Finn in the “Star Wars” sequel trilogy.

“As you go along and all these issues pile on top, I just thought it was quite important to say something, so it’s not an elephant in the room,” Boyega explained in an interview at the time. “And I think that more conversations have even been bubbling with other actors now in different projects and franchises … things that they noticed as well. And it’s a conversation worth having, to be honest.”

Although he seems to have put the galaxy far, far away in his rearview mirror, Boyega is still working on ways to incorporate his values into his work.

Boyega has received critical acclaim for many of his acting roles, including “Small Axe,” for which he won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries, or Television Film in 2020.

However, the “Attack the Block” star is looking to diversify his portfolio and branch out into new projects. He recently partnered with H&M in order to bring his sense of style to the masses.

The wardrobe collection, known as The Edition by John Boyega, will comprise of classic staples from Boyega’s wardrobe, including overcoats, oversized sweaters, roll-neck knit sweaters, and chunky sneakers.

All of the products in the collection will be made of sustainable ingredients, such as organic cotton, recycled wool, and Vega, a vegan substitute for leather.

The “Pacific Rim: Uprising” actor felt that working with a brand that would promote a sustainable fashion line was key to his partnership.

“People need to be educated,” Boyega explained. “I had a normal upbringing in the UK and the only thing I ever really knew or heard about sustainability was linked to recycling and what the bin men were willing to take away. Fashion is a good way of being responsible for your own sustainability and carbon output, as, let’s face it, people can’t always be sustainable in every aspect of their lives. With your fashion choices, you can be better more easily, as there are so many brands doing good stuff, or you can learn to reuse. I wanted that to be intrinsic to the H&M collection.”

In addition to being sustainable, he also wanted to bring his Nigerian heritage to the collection by utilizing bold patterns and prints. Confessing to wearing “wildly-patterned robes in the house that I’ll never show anyone else,” Boyega describes Eddie Murphy’s “Coming 2 America” character as a great example of “proper African style.”

The Edition by John Boyega, which launches online and in select stores Oct. 28, combines casual workwear items with floral prints and tie-dye motifs.

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