Joe Budden Responds to 'Toxic Liar' Tahiry's Abuse Claims: 'She Used to Beat My A*s' [Video]

Tahiry Jose spoke out about alleged domestic violence from former boyfriend, Joe Budden — and now he’s responding.

During a recent interview Tahiry shared details of the alleged abuse, saying:

“I think that they way I was dealing with being in a relationship with Joe was just tucking it, hiding it ’cause I can’t stop. I have to keep going because people rely on me ’cause I have to handle stuff, ’cause I have to grow in this business, ’cause I’m not going to fold,” she said.

Joe Budden responded to those claims on his podcast:

“You were not clear in how and when and why you got your nose broken. And that Joe had absolutely nothing to do with that. You are a cancerous, toxic, clout, check-chasing liar.”

He also claimed Tahiry used to “beat [his] a*s.”

Listen to the clip below.


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