Jerry O'Connell Explains Why He's '100%' on Kanye West's Side in Feud with Kim Kardashian [Video] |

Jerry O’Connell Explains Why He’s ‘100%’ on Kanye West’s Side in Feud with Kim Kardashian [Video]

Jerry O’Connell is team Kanye West when it comes to his public divorce playing out on social media.

via Just Jared:

During the most recent episode of The Talk, the 47-year-old actor, and father of two, explained why he was backing Kanye in the public fight, which first started over Kim and Kanye‘s eldest daughter, North, having her own TikTok account.

“It’s a total bummer that this fight is now going public, because there are children involved. Take it private, take it to the DM’s,” Jerry first said on the panel during Monday’s episode.

He went on, “That said, I’m 100% Team Ye. You know, they are both parents to these children, and each parent has equal say whether the children should or should not be on social media. I understand that the Kardashian family, their business is putting our family out there. I love that business, I’m huge fans of them.”

“That said, Kim and Kanye are no longer a union, and their father has just as much of a say as their mother as to whether their children should be on social media,” Jerry explained.

Fellow host Akbar Gbajabiamila also chimed in on the public feud, saying that there is “a mental health aspect to it, that I really am supporting Ye. But…as a father, you want to protect your daughter. Like, you know there is a lot of inherent danger that is associated with social media and to be able to protect that.”

“He’s using public pressure to be able to get some sort of say in his family’s life, and that to me seems kind of weird. For them, I hope and pray that they’re able to get some sort of co-parenting counseling because that’s what needed for the development of that child.”

…and this is why Jerry’s talk show failed.

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