Jeremih Disses PARTYNEXTDOOR and His Crew On Stage in Dallas [Video]


Jeremih is NOT feeling PARTYNEXTDOOR and doesn’t care who knows it.

The two are supposed to be co-headlining their Summer’s Over Tour, but Jeremih is positioned as the opener and PND comes on after as the headliner.

While they were in Chicago, Jeremih threw a fit and ran off stage because his sound was getting cut off — which is reportedly because PND’s people didn’t want Jeremih going over his allotted set time.

This dispute is allegedly why Jeremih sent a body double to take the stage for him in Houston the other night.

Anyway, they performed in Dallas on Friday night and Jeremih took the stage to blast PND and his crew.

“I wouldn’t be here without y’all. Dallas I love y’all. All my fans, I love y’all. PARTYNEXTDOOR and his crew are some bitch ass ni*gas. Now tell me that. Tell me what I said now?” he said.

He also accused PND of a few other things — like not actually singing his songs on stage.

“This ni*ga been trying to stop me since this tour started. He can’t stop me!”

Check out the video.

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