Jeannie Mai Shows First Sonogram Of Her And Jeezy's First Child [Video] |

Jeannie Mai Shows First Sonogram Of Her And Jeezy’s First Child [Video]

Pregnant Jeannie Mai Jenkins and Jeezy’s family planning journey took some unexpected turns, but things have come together.

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Jeannie Mai has given fans an update on her pregnancy. Nearly a month after she announced that she and husband Jeezy (Young Jeezy) are expecting their first child together, “The Real” co-host shared a sonogram of their unborn baby.

On Saturday, October 9, the 42-year-old let out a video of her taking an ultrasound scan. “I can’t believe how quickly time flies.. this was Baby J back at only 6 oz!!” the expectant mom first kicked off her caption.

“Now at 6 months today, I’m all ears about what to expect these last 13 weeks. Pls do share below books, podcasts, tips, how to handle mood swings & SLEEP,” she further noted. “Thank u Fam & watch link in bio for the details of our 1st and 2nd trimester with Baby Jenkins.”

The post arrived nearly a month after Mai shared her pregnancy announcement on “The Real”. At that time, she flaunted her baby bump and told her co-hosts, “I can definitely say that our Real fam is growing and it’s been really hard to keep all of these secrets from you guys because we’ve had so much to reveal here at the show, including the fact that…I am pregnant!”

“I do know that you never say never, and that love can really change you and I’m so thankful to be on a show that’s really helped me to grow and to evolve and to see myself differently than I would have ever imagined seeing myself,” she further shared, before vowing that she will be “an awesome mom.”

On September 21, Mai, who married Jeezy in March, posted on Instagram a video of her and her husband listening to their unborn baby’s heartbeat. “Okay baby J, this is the doctor talking to you,” Jeezy said.

The “Lose My Mind” emcee then placed a doppler device onto his spouse’s belly as she rubbed his head. He concluded the footage by saying, “Baby J, this is your daddy, this is your daddy. Hi baby! Hi Baby! Can you hear me?” In the accompaniment of the clip, the pregnant TV personality raved, “He changed my playlist forever.”

So happy for the Jenkins.

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