Jeannie Mai And Jeezy Facing Coronavirus Crisis With 'Gangster' Mind [Video] |

Jeannie Mai And Jeezy Facing Coronavirus Crisis With ‘Gangster’ Mind [Video]

Jeannie Mai and Jeezy (formerly known as Young Jeezy) are enjoying each other’s company amid the coronavirus pandemic. The television personality reveals that she and her boyfriend are quarantining together at his house.

While some people are already hit with boredom in their self-isolation, the fashionista and her rapper beau are keeping their positive attitude. “[Jeezy and I] looked at each other at this time of the quarantine like, ‘Yup, if we can do this, we are gangster,’ ” she tells ET Online in video chat interview, adding, “We’re [doing] amazing.”

If anything, the stay-at-home practice has been a good experience for Jeannie, who admits that she is “super introvert, meaning I love quality conversations, I love intimacy.” She further explains, “I love thoughtful presence for one another, so this is a dream for me and it allows me to focus on way on how to support people who need it out there.”

Jeannie additionally shares that her mother has Jeannie’s house to herself, because she’s part of an at-risk population for the Coronavirus. She, however, makes sure to keep in touch with her mother in a healthy way, saying that they still visit each other. On how they spend their time amid the quarantine, the 41-year-old says she, her mom and Jeezy recently made egg rolls together.

Praising her boyfriend Jeezy as “such an inspiring person to be around,” Jeannie also says that they are looking for a way to help in this time of crisis. “So, we’ve been brainstorming ways to help the community,” so she claims.

During the interview, Jeannie also talks about how the coronavirus pandemic affects her show “The Real”. “All of us ladies are on hiatus, so it’s not affecting so much right now,” Mai says. “But it’s so important to have social media to keep in touch with our fans. I love that our show is meant to entertain and educate and also just enlighten people. We’re silly, we’re fun and we’re passionate, and so the show going on everyday helps for people to just take their minds off things.”

The show was originally scheduled to return in mid-April, but now Jeannie isn’t sure when they will shoot again. “We don’t know if we can shoot again. We don’t know if we could have a live audience. Why should we be able to when everything is quarantined? That wouldn’t be safe,” she shares.

“It could be months,” she continues. “We’re due to come back mid-April, but at this point, nobody is doing anything until we know that America is safe, until we know that America is healed… that’s our focus for right now.”

[via AceShowbiz]

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