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Jazmine Sullivan Mourns Death Of Her Grandma Months After Mom’s Passing [Photos]

Jazmine Sullivan has posted a reflective tribute following her grandmother’s recent death.

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Several months after confirming her mother’s passing, the “Bust Your Windows” singer mourned the death of her grandma.

The 36-year-old paid tribute to her late grandmother through Instagram Story. “Rest now, grandmom,” she began her Friday, December 29 post. “I know mommy is so happy to see you! These women are the very reason I sing and write. The reason I’m funny and sassy. The reason I say what I mean according do my conviction. The reason I love God! And the reason I’m strong even when I don’t think I am.”

“God decided 2023 I could handle losing them both. Iono why.. but his plans are above me,” she continued. “What I do know is that I was blessed to have been molded and loved fiercely by these amazing women. And I am proud to continue carrying myself in the light in which they raised me! God I thank you for my time with them! I’ll miss you grandma. Hug mommy for me.”

The post has since been re-shared by The Shade Room on Instagram, prompting fans to send their condolences. “She just lost her mom. Geesh my condolences. Let’s lift our sister up in prayer. That back to back grief is not an easy burden to bear. Our God is a keeper though !!” one person wrote.

Another added, “I know her pain I lost my granny 3 weeks after my mommy. Lord please wrap your arms around her and her family.” A third chimed in, “I hope she has a solid support system, because those are very hard losses. Lots of love & light to her.”

Jazmine confirmed her mother Pamela’s death in July. “I don’t have the words yet mommy. So for now I’ll say thank you thank you thank you. Rest now butterfly. 10/26/58- 07/22/23,” she wrote on Instagram at the time.

The Grammy Award-winning musician revealed in 2020 that her mom had been diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer in October 2019. She even shaved he head in solidarity with her mother.

“To watch u handle urself w such grace, wisdom, strength and empathy for others while ur going thru the toughest time in ur life has been the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed,” Jazmine penned on Instagram at the time. “You mommy, are the prettiest picture, the best lyrics and sweetest melody I’ve ever heard. And I’m so proud of u and proud to be ur daughter.”

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