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Ja Rule Weighs In On Ashanti & Nelly’s Rekindled Romance: ‘They Missed Each Other’ [Video]

Ja Rule is excited to be an uncle once again, through Ashanti and Nelly’s pending bundle of joy.

via: HipHopDX

Appearing on the Tamron Hall Show, the Queens, New York legend admitted he wasn’t surprised when he saw the power couple get back together as he had a hunch that his former Murder Inc. labelmate “wanted that old thing back.”

“Not really,” Ja said when asked if he was caught off guard by Ashanti and Nelly rekindling their romance. “So her and my wife, they do their ha-ha ki-ki-ing, right? And so, you can tell sometimes when women want that old thing back.”

“I don’t wanna blow sis up!” he added after the crowd exploded. “But the chemistry was there. And I think for both of them, it came back quick. I think they missed each other. The way they clicked just came back so fast.”

Check out the full clip below. The section about Ashanti and Nelly begins at the 3-minute mark.

Rumors of a reunion between the “Country Grammar” rapper and R&B singer first emerged last February when they were spotted wearing the same chain in separate photos.

After more hints and speculation, Nelly confirmed that he and Ashanti were indeed back together during an appearance on Boss Moves With Rasheeda in September.

“Yeah, we cool again,” he said with a huge grin. “I think it surprised both of us. It wasn’t anything that I don’t think planned. I think we were both doing pretty much what we do. Sometimes being separate you understand one another more.

“You could be like maybe let me see exactly what they say. You know we could all be defensive in our relationships. We know we wrong but we gonna stand on it. We all a victim to that.”

Things moved even quicker after that initial reveal. Nelly‘s Black White Ball returned to his hometown of St. Louis for the first time in seven years back in December, but the part of the gala that made headlines wasn’t its support for Make-A-Wish Missouri or other charities.

Instead, it had to do with Ashanti and belly-rubbing.

In a clip that went viral online, Nelly and Ashanti could be seen onstage together. Both of them rubbed Ashanti’s stomach, and Nelly appeared to laugh while doing so.

Speaking with TMZ, he told the outlet he’s been tracking the news updates on his forever collaborator/friend just like everyone else.

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