It's Happening: Amazon Seemingly Confirms Beyoncé's Dropping a New Album This Month [Photos]

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After months and months of rumors and speculation, it’s almost 100% certain that Beyoncé IS dropping a new project toward the end of this month.

There’s been a rumored tracklist floating round online this past week, and it looks pretty legit. However, as we all know people have gotten extra crafty with photoshop these days — so we didn’t give it too much thought…until now.

Beyonce album amazon lovebscott.jpg

Amazon UK now has a new Beyoncé album listed for sale and it coincides with every other rumor we’ve heard thus far. According to the Amazon, the $42 ‘Platinum Edition’ will be a 4-disc set and will arrive on November 24th (which would mean the 25th in the US).


The leaked info-sheet says that the new release will consist of the original BEYONCÉ album + bonus music, a DVD of 28 (!) music videos, a DVD of the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, and a DVD of the On The Run tour.

That’s all great, but we see a Beyoncé album featuring Nicki Minaj, Justin Timberlake and Rihanna — we’re totally here for it.

Let’s just hope that this ‘Platinum Edition’ album is real.

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