'IShowMeat' Trending After IShowSpeed Accidentally Exposes Himself on YouTube Stream

IShowSpeed showed a lot more than speed during his recent YouTube live stream.

via: Complex

The popular streamer was playing Five Nights at Freddy’s and reacted to a scary scene by thrusting his hips in the direction of the camera. The motion became so forceful that his penis slipped out in front of nearly 25,000 viewers.

In addition to his online name trending on X, people have put a spin on it in light of what recently occurred, referring to him as “IShowMeat.”

Some joked that his days on YouTube were numbered, while others suspect the unfortunate incident will ultimately lead to him joining Twitch rival Kick.

According to Game Rant, Twitch banned IShowSpeed in Dec. 2022 following controversial remarks on Adin Ross’ E-Date show. The teenage streamer asked model Ash Kash about the possibility of the two reproducing if they were the last two people on Earth.

Ash declined, to which IShowSpeed responded, “Who’s going to stop me?” He was later kicked off the platform for “sexual coercion or intimidation.”

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