Ice-T Goes Off On Troll Claiming Coco Austin’s GRAMMY Dress Was “Three Sizes Too Small” [Photos] |

Ice-T Goes Off On Troll Claiming Coco Austin’s GRAMMY Dress Was “Three Sizes Too Small” [Photos]

Ice-T is clapping back for Coco Austin’s sake.

via: Vibe

The Twitter hater took to the social media platform on Feb. 7 to air their grievances, saying Austin looked as if she was “wrapped in a dress 3 sizes too small.” They went on to compare the wife and mother to singer Adele, who they deemed “classy” and “fabulous” in her chosen ensemble.

“Maureen.. When was that last time you had some D**k.. That’s the problem. Lol,” the rapper-turned-actor replied Monday (Feb. 13). He also took a screenshot of the naysayer who goes by “Maureen,” reposting the pic and sarcastically captioning it, “I gotta say Maureen. You’re Hot as F…k.”

The Law & Order star went on to add, “FLTG: We NEVER attack… But we RETALIATE,” adding in a follow-up tweet, “Ya know what Kills people that Hate you the most?? That OTHER people Love you.”

Ice-T was too busy enjoying his legendary status to worry about haters on GRAMMY night, as he was one of several icons to hit the stage for the celebration of Hip-Hop’s 50th anniversary.

“Questlove calls me up and he says, ‘All right, you gotta come to L.A. this weekend… It’s a big performance, I got you in the lineup,’” the west coast native told ET of joining the tribute. “And I was still hesitant ’cause it’s a long travel, but then he says, ‘You don’t want to be sitting at home watching this show, saying you should’ve been there. I was invited but I didn’t show up.’ And [so] I got my Black a** on a plane.”

The performance was also a catalyst for the “Colors” rapper to squash his beef with “Rock The Bells” MC, LL Cool J, who previously claimed he was “the baddest rapper in the history of rap itself,” much to Ice-T’s chagrin.

“That was the gist of it, absolutely,” Ice-T confirmed. “Those things can always escalate because you have fans, and if they catch me out there, they’re gonna talk to me about LL. That can always escalate easily.”

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