Happy Family? Beyoncé & Jay Z Do Lunch & Return to the SAME $30,000 Hotel Suite [Photos]


Beyoncé and Jay Z stepped out with their daughter Blue on Wednesday for lunch at Boulevard restaurant in San Francisco. 

According to onlookers, for a couple that’s allegedly on the verge of getting divorced — the seemed pretty happy as they chowed down on seafood and steaks in a semi-private area.

Later on that night, the couple was also spotted leaving their hotel (together) to go have dinner with several friends, including Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.i.am. 

As they stepped off the stage at San Francisco’s AT&T Park, the billion dollar couple were not ushered away in separate cars or separate hotels – after reports claimed that things were so bad between them that they couldn’t even stand to sleep in the same building.

Instead they joined pals including Black Eyed Peas star Will.i.am at the city’s Tosca Cafe – before returning together to the Presidential Suite at the St Regis hotel at 2am.

The suite has its own private entrance via elevator in an underground car park and a source at the hotel confirmed: ‘Jay Z and Beyoncé are staying here together in the Presidential Suite.

‘They chose this room because they have their own way in and out without anybody seeing them.’

Sidebar: Does anyone else find it interesting that these two have been on tour together ALL summer, and now all of a sudden we’re getting intimate hotel suite details? 

Anyway, back to dinner…Beyoncé & Jay reportedly walked through the main door and straight through the entire restaurant to their private dining room.

‘Beyoncé smiled at anyone who she made eye contact with and appeared to be at total ease despite what everyone has heard.’

However, it seemed that recent events had shaken rapper Jay Z, as the onlooker said: ‘He did look uncomfortable and had the look of someone who was trying to keep a low profile, like he didn’t want to put a toe out of line.

‘I’m not sure what happened because they left really abruptly while their friends were still happily chatting away and enjoying themselves.’

Check out some photos of will.i.am. & friends leaving the dinner below.

[via Daily Mail]

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