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Halle Berry on Van Hunt: ‘Never Had a Man That Has Lifted Me Up and Let Me Be All That I Am’

Halle Berry is opening up about her love life.

via People:

The actress, 55, gushed about boyfriend Van Hunt, whom she’s been dating since last fall, at Tuesday’s Elle Women in Hollywood Awards.  

Berry, who stars in her upcoming film Bruised, spilled about her relationship with Hunt, 51, saying at the event, “My love, love, love — my sweetheart. I’ve never had a man that has lifted me up and let me be all that I am.”

Speaking to PEOPLE (the TV Show!) special correspondent Adrianna Costa on the red carpet ahead of the awards, Berry said her boyfriend was right by her side while making Bruised, a film about a retired MMA fighter who is pushed to get back in the ring when her young son re-enters her life. 

“I had a lot of support … [Hunt] was a big part of that,” Berry told PEOPLE. “He did some music for the movie. He actually wrote the title song.” 

Hunt is a professional musician who released his debut album in 2004. Since then, he’s won a Grammy Award and released four additional albums. 

When asked by Extra if she and her partner are “madly in love,” Berry replied, “We are,” before adding, “Sometimes you have to wait for things in life. I waited patiently — well, maybe not patiently, but I waited.”

Berry and Hunt went official with their relationship in September 2020. At the time, a source told PEOPLE they had been seeing each other for “several months,” and that Hunt had met Berry’s two children, Nahla, 13, and son Maceo, 7. 

“Van has met her kids, so it seems pretty serious,” the source said. 

A second source told PEOPLE Berry and Hunt are a great fit because they “respect each other and have a great deal in common.”

“Both are very successful and smart, and they seem to be in a mature relationship,” the source added. “It seems like a really good match.”

Berry was previously married to Olivier Martinez before the two split in 2015. Prior to her relationship with Martinez, she was married to former MLB player David Justice and singer and actor Eric Benét.

We hope this works out for Halle — lord knows she’s been through it all.

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