Halle Berry Spills 'Nastiest' Bedroom Request She's Ever Received [Video]

Following the release of her latest Netflix project, Bruised, Halle Berry has been doing tons of promo, some of which has seen her sit down with a few of the recording artists who contributed to the film’s soundtrack. In the latest episode of an IGTV series called 5 Rounds, the actress and “Big Energy” rapper Latto got candid about plenty of things, including weird requests in the bedroom.

via: AceShowbiz

“What’s the wildest request you’ve ever been asked during sex?” Latto first asked Halle during the interview, to which the actress replied, “Does nastiest request count?” The 22-year-old femcee then explained, “It could be like nasty, wildest, weirdest.”

Halle finally disclosed, “Somebody once wanted me to let him spit in my face.” Latto was stunned upon hearing the answer, prompting her to throw away her question list.

Not stopping there, “The Call” star further elaborated, “I was like, ‘you got it twisted! This isn’t a porn video. This is happening for real. It’s not a movie.’ ” Disgusted by the revelation, the “Big Energy” raptress jokingly said, “No sir, get your clothes on and get out.”

Just a few days prior, Helle made another NSFW revelation. When speaking to Young M.A, she got candid about her weirdest sexual “turn-on.” The 55-year-old actress divulged, “I don’t know if this is weird, but I like when you’re kissing someone, and they like, kinda suck the tongue. It might not be weird, but that turns me on.”

Young M.A was speechless for a few seconds, before she cheekily replied, “Hello… “That’s not weird, that’s not weird.” Giving a thumbs up to Halle, the “Ooouuu” hitmaker pointed out, “That is absolutely perfect.” The two stars then burst into laughter.

Young M.A and Latto are among musicians that were featured on the “Bruised” soundtrack. In addition of the two femcees, Cardi B, Saweetie, City Girls, H.E.R., Yung Baby Tate, Ambre, Big Bottle Wyanna, Rapsody, Erica Banks, Dream Doll and Flo Milli gave their contributions as well.

The IGTV show’s premiere saw Berry chat with Cardi B, who offered up the track “Bet It,” while also assisting on the soundtrack’s executive production. The two friends chatted about their favourite sex positions, biggest purchases, and more. Check out the full episode below.

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