Halle Berry Reveals She Told Drake 'No' When He Asked to Use Her Photo for New Single Art: 'Not Cool'

Halle Berry is still firin’ shots at Drake after using a pic of her covered in slime for his new song.

via: People

Now, she claims the Canadian rapper, 36, reached out for permission beforehand, and she told him “no.” Despite this, Drake went ahead and used her photo.

In a new Instagram comment under a Friday post about being a “bigger” person, the Academy Award-winning actress, 57, addressed Drake and SZA’s “Slime You Out” artwork — an image of Berry covered in green slime at the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

One Instagram user questioned why Berry was upset, writing that the “photo is owned by Getty Images” and that they were “sure Drake got their permission and paid the fee.” The actress responded, explaining why she wasn’t thrilled with Drizzy’s choice.

“Cuz he asked me and I said NO that’s why,” Berry wrote on Saturday. “Why ask if you intend to do what you want to do! That was the f— you to me. Not cool. You get it?”

The exchange came just days after the Grammy winner revealed his cover art for “Slime You Out,” the latest single off his upcoming LP For All the Dogs.

At the time, Berry shared an Instagram image of the quote, “Sometimes you have to be the bigger guy…even if you’re a woman,” and explained in the comments section that Drake — who has referenced Berry before in his music — used the image without her approval.

“Didn’t get my permission. That’s not cool. I thought better of him!” the Bruised director wrote, adding that “when people you admire disappoint you, you have to be the bigger person and move on.”

“Exactly!! It’s about principles and integrity. So happy many of you get that,” she said in another comment.

The single itself is the second off For All the Dogs and the first collaboration between Drake and SZA (whose real name is Solána Imani Rowe). Both artists shared the artwork on their Instagram pages to promote the song, which makes reference to love interests making “kid choices” in relationships — hence the Nickelodeon-centered artwork.

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