Halle Bailey's Boyfriend DDG Slammed for New Song 'Famous,' Lyrics Called Out by Fans

DDG put his relationship insecurities on full display in a new song and people — mostly fans of girlfriend Halle Bailey — aren’t having it.

via Complex:

The project was released on Friday, and the 25-year-old wasted no time getting personal with his fans. In the chorus, DDG appears to claim he hated falling in love and only asked for Bailey “to do the basic shit,” and that the “hardest thing I did was fall in love with a famous bitch.”

“I’m tryna figure out what we gon’ do/How we gon’ get to the top?/Filmin’ a movie now you kissing dudes/You know I love you a lot/I don’t give a fuck if that shit for promo/I don’t wanna see this shit no more,” DDG rapped on the track.

“Why is y’all holdin’ hands in the photo? You know I’m insecure, that’s a no-no/I keep comin’ back/Wanna leave you but I’m too attached,” DDG said, seemingly taking issue with Halle Bailey’s interactions with her Little Mermaid co-star Jonah Hauer-King.

“She was such a very good friend to me. I looked at her and I thought ‘You have so much weight on your shoulders, so much pressure and you’re carrying this film and you’re carrying it with such grace that I need to try to and aspire to that.’ So anytime I was feeling like a bit daunted, I looked up to her and she was being seamlessly effortless,” Hauer-King reportedly said of Bailey.

DDG goes even deeper into his insecurities by appearing to ask if the person in question is cheating on him.

“It’s a couple things about your job I wanna know (I do)/When you shoot your movie, do these niggas turn you on? (On)/When you leave the set, do y’all still text each other phone? (Phone)/Just because they filmin’ it, it don’t mean that it ain’t wrong.”

Fans of Bailey were disgusted by the record and came to the defense of the star of The Little Mermaid remake by hopping on social media to give DDG an earful about his insecurities with the relationship.

“DDG is a whole ass loser. Like an insecure small little man. The whole song is the nastiest thing he could’ve done to her. The misogyny and pure dismissal of Halle is overwhelming,” one person tweeted. Another wrote, “DDG can go. Halle has too big of a future ahead of her for foolery and insecurity.”

A third person wrote, “So DDG’s lyrics is proof that Halle needs to fucking move on and find a King this insecure fool writing all that shit putting his business out there for the whole world to see, he a fucking fool!!!! I wish a motherfucker would write some bullshit about me if I was famous!!!”

The relationship seemed to be going good between the two, at least pretty recently, as Bailey called DDG her Prince Charming, saying, “Yeah. I would say that” in an interview with People back in May. 

We give him points for honesty, but you know what they say — dating a bad b*tch isn’t for the weak

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