Halle Bailey Performs “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” At Disney World’s 50th Anniversary [Photos + Video]

Halle Bailey keeps proving to us all why she was the perfect choice for the upcoming live-action remake of The Little Mermaid.

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Halle Bailey is just 21 but already, she is considered one of the top vocalists of her generation alongside her big sister, Chloe Bailey. After performing a moving rendition of “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” song at Disney World’s 50th anniversary special, fans on Twitter are singing Halle’s praises at the moment.

Bailey, who is set to play the lead role of Ariel in Disney’s live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid, sang one of the standout songs from the classic 1994 film, The Lion King. Some might not know but the singer who vocalized the original song was Kristle Edwards, a Black gospel vocalist and the smash hit was composed by Elton John with lyrics from Tim Rice. The song won an Academy Award in 1995 for Best Original Song, and that same year, John won a Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance.

As one could expect from such as a lavish event, Bailey was backed by a full orchestra while wearing a beautiful Black gown. The performance is soul-stirring as one can imagine, and Bailey’s voice soared atop the instrumentation with ease. If anything, this will silence anyone who had something to say about Ariel being played by a Black woman and cements the fact that she’ll be a fine Disney princess. However, we’ll need to wait a bit because that film won’t release to theaters until 2023.

Across Twitter, Halle Bailey’s performance of “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” has folks chining in with reactions. We’ve got them listed out below.

We Stan the Bailey sisters over here.

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