#GorillaGlueGirl Tessica Brown Says She's Giving Her $20,000 GoFundMe Donations to Reconstructive Surgery Organization

Tessica Brown is giving back to those, like her, who find themselves in sticky hairy bad situations.

According to her manager, Tessica’s GoFundMe raised over $21,000 in donations and Tessica will be donating most of the money to an organization called The Restore Foundation.

The Restore Foundation provides reconstructive surgery services for those who can’t afford them.

The organization was founded by Dr. Michael Obeng — the same L.A.-based plastic surgeon who saved Tessica’s scalp.

Tessica is keeping $1,000 of the GoFundMe donations to pay for her emergency room bills from before she flew to Los Angeles to Dr. Obeng and donating the rest to his organization.

She’s selling merchandise now, so this whole ordeal has put some extra money in her pocket beyond the GoFundMe.

We’re happy she’s giving back to a good cause, but does anyone else find it a little convenient that the organization she’s donating $20,000 to belongs to the doctor who performed her surgery?


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