GOP Employee Blasts Sasha & Malia Obama's 'Classless' Television Presence on Facebook Before Issuing an Apology [Photos]


Elizabeth Lauten, the Director of Communications for republican congressman Stephen Fincher (R-TN) popped off about the First Daughters and the Internet decided not to let it slide.

We showed you yesterday how Sasha & Malia Obama stood on the sidelines as their father, President Barack Obama, pardoned the National Thanksgiving Turkey.

Instead of watching the entire clip, she went on an entire rant about how Sasha & Malia were dressed and how they acted based on a few photos of the girls’ facial expressions and used it as an opportunity to blast The First Family.

On her public Facebook page, she wrote:


After the post earned Ms. Lauten some unwanted attention, she then issued an apology.


Serves her right.

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