Good Burger 2 Trailer: Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell Get Fired and Replaced with Robots in Sequel |

Good Burger 2 Trailer: Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell Get Fired and Replaced with Robots in Sequel

Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell are back to save Good Burger  — again.

via People:

The full trailer for Good Burger 2 debuted Monday, showcasing the reunited costars as their characters Dexter and Ed for a sequel to 1997’s original fast-food themed comedy.

Dexter returns to work at Good Burger and is met with some of Ed’s classic antics. When the pair of best friends visit Good Burger’s corporate headquarters, they meet villainous executives (Jillian Bell and Lil Rel Howery) who plan to expand the company worldwide and fire the entire staff.

Instead of hiring new workers, the new Good Burger builds robots that look and talk like Dexter and Ed, paving the way for them to go on a mission to save their beloved restaurant.

According to a synopsis, “Dexter Reed is down on his luck after another one of his inventions fails. Ed welcomes Dex back to Good Burger with open arms and gives him his old job back.”

“With a new crew working at Good Burger, Dex devises a plan to get back on his feet but unfortunately puts the fate of Good Burger at risk once again.”

Good Burger stems from the popular sketch of the same name in the ’90s Nickelodeon series All That, in which Ed unintentionally terrorizes a variety of characters played by Thompson and others. The feature-length movie based on the sketch followed.

Kamaia Fairburn, Alex R. Hibbert, Fabrizio Guido, Elizabeth Hinkle, Emily Hinkler and Mindy and Anabel Graetz round out the film’s cast, in addition to cameos from Nicole Byer, Rob Gronkowski, Flula Borg, Mark Cuban and Matt Friend. Josh Server, Lori Beth Denberg and Carmen Electra also reprise their original roles from 1997’s Good Burger.

Thompson and Mitchell confirmed the long-awaited sequel was in the works during an appearance on on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in March. They were later spotted filming the movie in Los Angeles in May.

So — everyone on set looked at Kel’s makeup and thought that was okay? Alright.

‘Good Burger 2’ debuts on Paramount+ Nov. 22. Check out the trailer below.

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